Conference Room Etiquette – Cleanup Checklist

It’s the beginning of the month and you’re getting ready to host a company-wide meeting. You book the meeting space, print out the itineraries, and get lunch catered for the occasion. You’re ready for the presentation, but there’s just one major problem – the conference room is a complete disaster.

Imagine walking into a dirty and cluttered conference room come meeting time. This might give people the wrong impression about you. It shows them that you are disorganized, unprepared, and unprofessional. This is why it’s important to practice certain etiquette principles. After any type of business meeting, make sure to do these things before you leave the conference space:

Clean Up After Yourself:

Don’t leave the conference room with notes, food, and trash all over the place. Tidy up the meeting space and make sure that is in presentable fashion for the next person who needs the room. This makes it easier for the custodian to touch up later. Make a conscious effort at leaving the room cleaner than the way you found it. Leaving the room in clean shape will eliminate a lot of headaches for so many people.  

Turn Off Lights, Computers, and Other Equipment:

If you are finished using any equipment in the meeting room, then make sure to shut it off. Turning off the lights, computers, projectors, and all other electronic equipment is a great way to conserve energy in your office building. This will help you save money on your monthly utility bills in the process.

Put Everything Back Where It Belongs:

Make sure that every item is where it’s supposed to be. Pens, paper, chairs, electronic equipment; they all have a place. Any outside items that were brought into the meeting room also need to go back to where they belong.

Sanitize Any Surface or Counter Space:

Sanitation shouldn’t be the sole responsibility of a commercial janitorial service provider. It’s always smart to have disinfectant wipes around any meeting space. After your meeting, wipe down the surface of the tables and all other equipment in the conference room. Disinfect everything that is commonly touched. This includes computer screens and keyboards, light switches, and beyond.

Dispose of Any Trash or Waste:

Before leaving the room, throw away all disposable items. This includes excess papers and programs, food, drinks, and more. It’s always a good idea to have a few empty trash cans and recycling bins around the conference room.

Include the Conference Room in the Cleaning Schedule:

The conference room needs to be a critical part of your cleaning agenda. If you hire a commercial cleaning service, make sure they prioritize all meeting spaces. This ensures that is fully cleaned and in operational shape. Having the conference room on your cleaning list will help you keep the room in ready-to-use shape.