Disadvantages of Insourcing Your Cleaning Crew

No matter what industry you are in, all businesses have similar concerns when it comes to operating at maximum efficiency. How do we manage our costs? How do we focus on core business? How do we manage our staff and resources effectively? With considering all of this comes the question—do we insource or outsource our cleaning services?


While many companies may hesitate to outsource their cleaning due to the cost, there are actually quite a few disadvantages to insourcing your cleaning crew. In the long run, it may be in your company’s best interests to outsource cleaning services. The following are disadvantages of insourcing your cleaning crew.

Inflexible Labor

If you insource your cleaning crew, depending on who is doing the job, you may not have access to their services all the time. A professional commercial cleaning company is there for you when you need them, as long as you need them, and the services can be scaled up or down on an as-needed basis.

It’ll Cost You

  • Labor Costs. When you hire in-house cleaning workers for your business or school, you must pay all employment taxes, workers’ compensation, and other expenses for these workers, just as you would for any other person on your staff. If these services are outsourced, these costs are paid for by the cleaning contractor, along with insurance, healthcare, and similar employee benefits.
  • Supply Costs. When you insource your cleaning services, all of the equipment, cleaning solutions, and other products used for cleaning come as an expense to your business. When outsourcing the services, all of the products and equipment are purchased by the contractor. If the contractor is a member of a group purchasing organization, they can usually buy supplies at reduced prices. Often, these cost savings are worked into charges, resulting in additional cost savings for your business.

You Have to Manage Budgets

If you decide to insource your cleaning services, that’s just one extra thing on your plate. If you hire commercial janitorial services, you can easily reduce cleaning frequencies as necessary. If you handle cleaning services in-house, reducing cleaning frequencies may require management to make staff reductions, which can end up being complicated. This can take away time from other important business matters, ultimately hurting your business and your bottom line.

Hiring & Firing

Relating to budget reductions, when it comes to hiring and firing, most management prefers to focus on the workers actually needed by the school or the business to provide its services. If you insource your cleaning services, it will require time for hiring and possible time for firing when necessary. No one wants to deal with this when cleaning services aren’t even a core function of your business.

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