Marble Restoration

Take a look at your office space. Do you see dark or damaged marble walls, floors or even elevators?

Marble is a respected natural stone, it exudes prominence and class, and it can turn an average building into an extraordinary one. However, without proper care and maintenance, your marble can look dull and broken. As one of the leading marble restoration companies in NYC, Continental Window Cleaning provides marble floor restoration and marble restoration for businesses big and small.

What is marble floor restoration?

Marble floor restoration is similar to waxing, and the goal is to bring out the stone marble’s natural shine and to preserve the quality. Between foot traffic, equipment moving, and even hands touching marble walls, marble begins to lose its shine and become rough. Stone restoration helps reverse and prevent this damage from becoming catastrophic. Why is stone care essential? Without proper care from a restoration company, you take a risk that the marble on your floor or walls will become cracked, rough and lose its shine. Damaged or dingy marble can give a wrong impression to prospective employees, clients, and even your current team members.

Here are a few issues that can occur:

  • Major cracking and scratches
  • Damage to tile and grout
  • Permanent damage from daily traffic
  • Stain Problem

As a leading restoration company, we work diligently to provide the stone care your business needs, from countertops, marble walls or floors and elevators we are here to do it all.

Our team comes in to aid in repairing the damage that may already be there, and then we provide annual restoration to ensure that your stone marble looks great for years to come. If you are looking for a business you can trust to repair and care for your marble, contact us today! Let our team put together a plan specifically for your business so we can get your stone shining.

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