How To Keep Your Office Clean This Spring

Commercial cleaning protocols that professional cleaning providers follow during the Spring.

The groundhog couldn’t find his shadow this year, so you know what that means right? That’s correct, Spring is within short reach. After another brisk and grueling Winter in New York, it’s time to prepare for the season of renewal. Spring is the perfect time to add new life to your office environment. The weather will start to warm up, the snow will melt away, and you will have more room to create a safer, more productive space for employees to work in.

Although many spring cleaning tasks can be handled by employees themselves, there are certain projects that need more professional attention. Spring cleaning is a very thorough and comprehensive procedure. You cannot just sweep and mop the floors, then call it a day. When it comes to office spring cleaning, there is a lot of room to cover.

Make sure that you janitorial service provider tackles these crucial areas of your office space:

Computer Workstations:

Personal desk spaces are where most employees perform work each day. Computers attract a lot of dirt, dust, and germs. It’s important to have your entire workstation specialty cleaned and sanitized following the Winter season. Use compressed air to clean keyboards and server towers, while wiping monitors with safe sanitation wipes.

Hard Counter Spaces:

The Spring is a great time to preserve all counter spaces, especially in common areas. Hard spaces need to be a high-priority task. By using environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, your cleaning provider will be responsible for removing food particles, stains, dust, and other blemishes that build up on the surface throughout the Winter.

Conference Rooms:

This is one of the most valuable spaces for any office environment. Employees spend a lot of time in conference rooms conducting meetings, making presentations, and collaborating on different projects. The Spring season is the perfect time to get your conference space organized. Commercial cleaners will clean the floor space, remove all trash, and disinfect all equipment and table surfaces.

Lunch and Break Rooms:

Lunch areas require more thorough cleaning. During this process, cleaning service providers will remove old food from the fridge and sanitize the inside with non-toxic cleaners. Additionally, they will also clean the microwaves, both inside and out, along with table and counter space, sinks, and surrounding floor surfaces.


Restrooms are hotspots for bacteria, dust, other harmful contaminants. When cleaning a restroom, office cleaning professionals will be responsible for disinfecting toilets, sinks, and floors. They will also refill hand soap dispensers and make sure that there are enough paper towels stocked as well. Finally, they will also replace the air fresheners and perform any necessary maintenance to keep them working properly.

Doors and Windows:

The Winter is the prime time for windows and glass doors to collect smudges, fingerprints, and other dirty marks. While it helps to occasionally wipe down any glass surface with glass cleaner, it’s best to invest in a professional cleaning service. Cleaning service providers are specifically trained to keep any window surface supported with the proper shine. These experienced professionals know the best window washing techniques to help bring out the best in your office building.

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