Janitorial Cleaning Services: Who Supplies the Cleaning Products?

Keeping a business clean is no easy task. Janitorial services need a heavy surplus of supplies to keep the office space in pristine condition. In addition to the high-tech floor cleaning equipment, professional cleaning companies need an arsenal of tools in other categories. Cleaning businesses use everything from brooms, to trash bags, cleaning solutions, communication equipment and more.

To say that a commercial cleaning company needs a lot of supplies would be a drastic understatement. They need a large assortment of solutions to tackle any mess and maintenance objective. This includes:


  • Brooms, brushes, and dusters
  • Trash cans, liners, and trash bags
  • Carpet care equipment
  • Chemical cleaners
  • Communication equipment
  • Facility maintenance products
  • Filters systems
  • Floor care cleaners and mats
  • Janitorial carts
  • Kitchen and food service solutions
  • Odor controls
  • Paper products and dispensers
  • Personal care supplies
  • Plastic sheeting material
  • Restroom care products
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Sponges and pads
  • Storage transporters
  • Utility cleaners
  • Waste storage containers
  • Hoses and water dispensing equipment
  • Window cleaning tools
  • Wipes and rags


Most companies provide their own supplies and equipment, but how are these companies able to afford all these products? Cleaning providers don’t just stock up on supplies from the grocery store. There must be a supplier that they work with, correct? Well there is.

These are some of the top office cleaning suppliers for professional cleaning services:


You’ll find much more than just office supplies at Staples. The office-supplier giant also carries a large inventory of commercial cleaning goods. You name the brand, and Staples will have anything that you need. If you need surface floor treatment or upholstery cleaning support, Staples will provide an assortment of products that can help your cleaning staff tackle any initiative.

Global Industrial:

Global Industrial is an online catalog with all of the main commercial cleaning aid products. You’ll find everything from environmentally friendly solutions to basic products, trash supplies, high-tech floor machines and so much more. Global Industrial shows the top selling items and has things always stocked and ready to be shipped. This is the perfect resource for any cleaning service in New York to utilize.


UnoClean is an online cleaning supply catalog. By surfing through this office cleaning service supplier, you’ll find everything you need to maintain proper upkeep for your facility. You’ll have access to thousands of janitorial supplies at your own disposal. Just search from A to Z and you’ll have access to every solution imaginable.

Clean It Supply:

If you need help choosing a certain cleaning supply, then Clean It Supply is the ultimate source for you. This online catalog carries supplies and products from the top cleaning manufacturers including Clorox, GoJo, P&G, Johnson and Johnson, and so much more. They even carry office supplies and breakroom materials. Get stocked up with any utensil you need.