Construction Cleanup

Finishing up a renovation project? Call on New York’s premier commercial cleaning service for your post-construction cleanup.

Post Construction Cleaning in New York

When you take on a construction project, it’s crucial to think about the cost and care of clean-up. The dust and debris that collects during a renovation project is extensive and can quickly become overwhelming, especially when you have a deadline. As a business owner, you want to make sure you call on a professional cleaning service that understands the timing of construction site cleanup and the importance of presentation.

Post-construction cleaning rates depend on such things as the square foot of the commercial property, the type & condition of the building, and the level of detail required. Post-construction cleaning is a specialty, and you need a company that can not only provide detailed cleaning services, but more importantly — attention to every detail.  

Interior Cleanup Services

This service can be broken into two steps. First, our cleaning crew will remove things from the interior of the construction site such as piled debris, scraps, and loose boards. Preparation for carpet and flooring is completed by heavy sweeping and mopping along with window washing and extensive dusting. The second step to interior cleaning includes vacuuming; wiping down all surfaces; cleaning window sills; removing paint tape/adhesives; and removing dust from ceiling fans, light fixtures, and ductwork.

From construction banner installation to demolition debris removal, we understand the importance of project management deadlines.

Exterior Construction Cleanup

This service entails lumber, trash, and large debris removal from the property. (We can also remove large demolition debris.) We finish the outside cleanup by sweeping paved surfaces and washing exterior windows.

Why Continental?

Not only do the cleaning specialists at Continental have extensive experience in construction cleanup, but they also make sure to meet every contractual deadline. We understand how returning your space to a clean, functional environment is crucial to the bottom line of your business. Additionally, our team receives ongoing training on specific cleaning techniques that are needed to perform a comprehensive post-construction cleanup. Some other construction services we perform include the following: architectural signage installation, construction banner installation, banner removal, power washing, and fireplace cleaning. Call today to see how we can make your construction zone clean again!

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