Industrial Janitorial

When it comes to keeping your workspace clean, there are many benefits to choosing an industrial janitorial service.

Anyone who operates a large business knows how important it is to keep up with the environment of the office space. One of the most important ways to do this is to hire an industrial cleaning service who knows the ins and outs of cleaning but the logistics of making it safe for your employees. Many different types of chemicals are used for general sanitizing and industrial strength cleaners. Continental Window Cleaning knows the industry standard, safety hazards, and possible side effects of each compound.

Not only does Continental Building Services operate year round, but they also have a variety of different industrial cleaning services to offer. Commercial and industrial cleaning services could range from carpet cleaning, pressure washer cleaning, window cleaning, and even proper equipment cleaning. One of the most requested industrial cleaning practices is power washing. An excellent way for companies to ensure all grout in their tile is clean in bathrooms and shared areas with tile flooring is pressure washing. Power washing can also be a great way to clean up the outside of the building for curb appeal but also to get rid of mold and mildew which will help keep employees safe and healthy.

An industrial cleaning service will cut down on the airborne illnesses that spread across teams which will also cut down on sick days used by employees and workers compensation cases.

In cutting down on company-wide sickness, your business will not only increase it’s productivity but also increase its profits. Continental Building Services is your best choice for keeping your workspace safe, clean, and germ-free! The primary way to keep your business profitable is by keeping productivity up and downtime down. By hiring a commercial and industrial cleaning service, you are making sure that any pathogens in the environment are being taken care of immediately and you are stopping mold, mildew, Staph, and viruses before they even have a chance to multiply. When you hire Continental Building Services, you can rest assured knowing your standards will be met.

There is no substitute when you trust a professional industrial cleaning service for the benefits and advantages of keeping your space clean and your employees healthy.

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