Maintaining Cleanliness When Students Come Back to School

Back to school means goodbye to summer and hello fall. Students get back into the swing of things, studying and doing activities, while teachers and faculty get ready for the busy school year ahead. Many of us forget about the unsung heroes of schools; the commercial cleaning companies who maintain a clean and safe environment for students, staff, faculty, and visitors all year long.


Schools aren’t just responsible for students’ education; they are also responsible for their safety. Commercial cleaning services are an essential part of this process. The janitorial services that a professional cleaning staff provides protect students from dangerous bacteria and viruses. Here’s why maintaining cleanliness when students come back to school is so important.

Healthy Students & Healthy Teachers

Schools are a breeding ground for germs and illness, and since schools can have up to four times as many occupants per square foot as offices, bacteria can spread like wildfire. This can especially be a problem in elementary schools, as children’s immune systems are more susceptible to illness than adults. If students are always getting sick, this also affects their attendance. Too much absence can be detrimental to a students performance.


Schools should also maintain cleanliness so that teachers stay healthy. Teachers serve an important role in educating students. A teacher who is frequently absent can have serious effects on the quality of education that a student receives over a school year. A study by Harvard researchers found that a teacher missing up to 10 days of school is equivalent to a student being taught by a new teacher rather than one with several years of experience.

Your School District Will Save Money

It is often overlooked how much a dirty school can impact the cost to the school district. When teachers are absent, substitute teachers have to be paid. If a school maintains cleanliness, total absences decrease, saving school districts billions of dollars annually.



Students Will Concentrate on School Work

Lack of cleanliness can be a major distraction to students. A dirty or untidy room can distract students from their teacher’s lesson. A clean facility allows students to feel comfortable in their environment and ready to learn. Children have enough trouble concentrating as it is, they don’t need an extra distraction such as a dirty classroom taking their attention while they’re trying to learn.                      

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