Proactive Maintenance Benefits for Your Office

Proactive maintenance are preventative maintenance measures that are used to keep the reliability and efficiency of building equipment and machinery running in pristine condition. In simple terms, it is a routine set of building maintenance services that keep the office building running as needed.

Performing proactive maintenance on your building’s equipment will minimize the risk of running into future equipment failures and operational delays. Whether it’s an HVAC system repair, or simply sweeping and mopping the floor, proactive maintenance ensures that a company’s office building runs smoothly.

Continental Window Cleaning is New York’s most prestigious building maintenance company. With more than 30 years of experience and over 100 expert employees, we continue to serve New York’s commercial buildings with five-star office cleaning and preventative maintenance solutions.

How Our Services Work

Proactive maintenance is much more than a system repair or an equipment installation. It also includes a wide range of janitorial building care.

At Continental Window Cleaning, we attack system failure threats from all angles. Our comprehensive building maintenance process helps us track down problem sources and develop an effective strategy to preserve your equipment.

We execute proactive maintenance on commercial office buildings with four crucial steps:

Continental’s building maintenance team monitors the entire building and inspects all important HVAC machinery, electrical equipment, wiring, pipes, windows, and office interior. Once a maintenance person identifies any issues, we report the matter and attack the source of the problem head-on.

If a system is broken or defective, we’ll send one of our certified technicians to fix things. If the equipment is beyond repair, we’ll make arrangements to replace the item with a new appliance. We’ll install things ourselves to ensure that the equipment runs up to par and is compliant with all building standards.

Cleaning Building Services:
After something is repaired or replaced, we’ll make a conscious effort to clean up the mess to keep the building organized. You can count on us to empty the trash, provide exceptional floor care, spotless window cleaning, and much more. Continental’s janitorial specialists will make sure that the workspace is always clean.

Repeat the Process:
Continental Window Cleaning strives for perfection and we understand that perfection is accomplished through repetition of excellence. Since practice makes perfect, we promise to repeatedly execute this process with care. This ensures that our proactive maintenance solutions perform correctly so that the perfect work environment is always available.

Benefits of Proactive Maintenance

Continental’s proactive maintenance program is a cost-effective solution for a business owner. Our commercial building maintenance services help businesses save time and money on mechanical repairs. The fruits of our labor make it easy for a business owner to avoid insane repair costs.

Additionally, our routine maintenance services familiarize our technicians with all company equipment. This prepares us to quickly tackle a problem when a crisis does take place.

With more than 100 janitor jobs in NYC fulfilled, we are always prepared to keep your office running at optimal levels.

Contact one of our customer service agents at (718) 851-0004 if you’re interested in a proactive building maintenance program or a cleaning service job. Give us a call anytime between 10 and 5 Monday through Friday. We would be ecstatic to help.