Digital Billboard Cleaning

Digital billboard cleaning offers the best quality service and checks to make sure your digital billboard properties are performing at their best potential.

Digital billboards provide some of the most highly visible and easily adjustable advertisement for your brand. More than half a billion people pass outdoor advertising every day, sometimes more than once, creating opportunities to leave more than a single impression. By ensuring your digital billboard properties are regularly cleaned and maintained, you can be sure you’re setting your brand up for success. Whether you are advertising in Times Square or along a highway, a clean, well maintained digital billboard is the best way to highlight what makes your brand great.

Digital billboards go beyond the screen. All parts of the cleaning process help to produce the most high-quality images. A properly maintained digital billboard will be easy to read and won’t show streaks, even in bright sunlight. Continental Windows will work to ensure your digital billboard is checked beyond the screen. Our team of experts will examine everything from the ground, catwalks, lifts, rear of the display and more.


By enlisting Continental Window to keep your digital billboards clean, you can focus on what is important to you, like growing your business and connecting with customers.

There are many benefits to keeping a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule for digital billboards. A bright, clear, easy to read display makes it easy for passers-by to enjoy and receive your message. By preventing any potential issues, you can also enjoy the benefit of additional uptime. This means more hours for your brand and more exposure.

Our experienced professionals are ready to take on your digital billboard cleaning needs. From catwalks to displays to filters, our team is trained to get the job done. Contact Continental Window today and get your personalized quote for digital billboard service.

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