Signage Cleaning

Signage dirty? Old or damaged signage? Need a banner removed from your construction site? Continental Window has you covered!

Dirty or damaged signs can drive customers away, or prevent them from noticing your business at all. Continental Window offers signage cleaning and removal services for commercial, industrial and residential clients in the Manhattan area. Whether your signage is old, damaged, or dirty or you need a banner removed from your construction site, we will provide professional service and take care of your signage woes.

When removing signage, it is important to patch and repair the site correctly. After removing signage bolted to brick, we will patch the holes to prevent leakage in the future. We take every measure to ensure that we don’t cause any damage to your property when cleaning or removing your signage. Old or damaged signage can deteriorate and fall, causing damage to your building, or worse, injure your customers. You can also be fined for your old signage if it isn’t taken care of properly. Don’t get fined for old signage on your building, and ensure the safety of you and your customers. Call us to have it removed cleanly, safely, and professionally. Your customers can be turned away by dirty, damaged, or unreadable signage.

We don’t use any methods or chemicals that will cause damage to your signage, leaving it looking as good as new.

Cleanliness is crucial for attracting new customers. Any signage on the exterior of your building is the first thing potential customers are going to see. If they get a sense that your business isn’t clean, they will be hesitant to come in. If they can’t read your signage, they won’t even know your business exists. Our premium cleaning services will expose your brand in a new light, and attract new customers. You want your customers to be aware of your business, and you want them to be confident that you’re the right choice. Ensure the safety of you and your customers, and avoid being fined. Continental Window will clean or remove your signage quickly, safely, and cleanly. Call us today!

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