Spring Cleaning Tips for Teachers

Spring break has come and gone, and students and teachers are filing back into the classroom to knock out the last semester of the year.

As the warm season (slowly) kicks in, children will be spending their recesses outside and bringing the dirt, mulch, and playground pollen back inside to the classroom.  Kids are inherently messy as it is, so this extra level of classroom grime forces teachers to launch a spring cleaning call to action every year.

So, if you’re a teacher struggling to maintain a clean classroom environment, take a look at these spring cleaning tips to help guide you along.

Take Care of Your Area First

If your desk area looks like a spring storm came rushing through, you’re likely setting a bad example for your students.  Leading by example is the best way to encourage younger generations to follow suit.  So, tackle that stack of papers that need to be graded, organize your junk into file cabinets, and throw away anything else that doesn’t belong.  Wipe off your white-board every day to keep it shiny, and sanitize your computer, classroom TV, and anything else that’s building up dust.

Stock Up on Supplies

Make sure your classroom is stocked full of tissues, wet-wipes, hand-sanitizers, and cleaning supplies that can combat springtime contaminants.  If you have a classroom sink, keep the soap bottle full and the hand-towels plentiful.  Springtime allergies are a frustrating burden to bear in the classroom, so make sure you’re ready for them.

Praise Good Behavior

This time of year, kids are sneezing, coughing, and effectively spreading germs across the classroom.  In reality, it’s largely up to your students to create a contaminant-free learning environment.  However, your friendly guidance can teach them to practice hygienic behaviors! If a child coughs or sneezes into their arm like they’re supposed to, or washes their hands after they blow their nose, praise them for their good behaviors! A simple “thank you” or “great job” goes a long way for children!

Create Fun Cleaning Activities

You’re likely making the smallest mess in the classroom, even if your desk area begs to differ. So, get the students involved! Children traditionally despise cleaning but throwing a little entertainment and imagination into the mix will help them engage.  Take a note from Barney and let them sing as they clean, or pretend like their toys and supplies are getting “nap-time” when they’re put back in their respected areas.  A simple Google search for “cleaning games for children” will spark some ideas!

Implement Little Incentives

Another effective strategy that works well for all age groups is to instill a little incentive that encourages them to clean.  Divide the class into teams and make a competition that rewards the team who cleans the best or fastest.  Whether you give them 5 more minutes of recess, a sweet candy treat, or simply a break to chat with their friends, offering a reward for hard-work is as effective for children as it is for adults!

Searching for Spring Cleaning Assistance?

Contact the professionals at Continental Building Services today! We are New York’s first choice for contract cleaning and are ready to help your educational facility combat the season woes that springtime brings.  Call us at 718-851-0004 today for more tips or to get a free estimate!