Tips To Prepare Your Workplace For Cold & Flu Season

Cold and flu season is officially upon us. Everyday businesses are hampered by sick employees disrupting their workforce. A commercial cleaning company will help prevent the spread of germs this flu season, thus creating a healthier work environment for you and your employees. Your janitorial service will keep your office pristine, while killing harmful bacteria that triggers flu viruses.


There’s no doubt that the work of a professional janitorial cleaning service is extremely important during this time, but that shouldn’t be your only line of defense. Your office needs more than just a strong custodial staff. You need to take matters into your own hands and practice healthier habits yourself. If you are a business owner, then you should be promoting these janitorial cleaning exercises to your employees within the office building:

Clean Up Your Own Workspaces:

A lot of germs will build up around the facility over the course of the work day. Before you leave the office to go home, make sure you clean up after yourself. Properly dispose of any waste and sanitize any common surfaces. You should wipe down your personal work area with disinfecting wipes at least once a day. Disinfect your phones, computer screens, keyboards, and countertop spaces.

Educate The Office About Influenza Prevention Best Practices:

Knowledge is power. Before flu season starts to come around, take some time to inform your employees about flu viruses, symptoms, and prevention techniques. Put up some educational materials in your break room or other common areas. You can always get free educational resources by contacting your local medical facility.

Encourage Employees To Receive An Annual Flu Shot:

A flu shot can be someone’s best friend during cold and flu season. Getting a flu shot will give your immune system the ammunition it needs to fight off the threats of the influenza virus. Remind your employees to review their health insurance benefit plan to see how a flu shot will impact their coverage.

Provide Time Off To Workers That Get Sick:

A happy and productive work setting makes for a healthy environment. One sick employee can ruin this all. If someone catches the flu, don’t risk them spreading the virus around the office by coming to work. Give your employees adequate time off to recover as needed. If possible, allow people to work from home if they are feeling up to it.

Install Hands-Free Sanitation Devices:

It’s crucial to have hand sanitizer readily available for the entire staff. Keep it in plain sight at all times. In addition, to practice safer measures, you should install hands-free technology to prevent the spread of germs that are triggered by touch. This includes hand sanitizing stations, soap dispensers, sinks, faucets, and paper towel dispensers.